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Love Me Fish & Lobster Case Study

Sedimentation Build-Up Limiting Boat Launch in Harbour.

Customer: Love Me Fish & Lobster.

Problem: Sedimentation build-up at the boat launch in harbour.

Solution: The bathymetric survey conducted by Sludge Mapper revealed the extent of the problem and assisted in determining its root cause.

Client Introduction:

Love Me Fish & Lobster is a seafood company that specializes in lobster distribution and is in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.


Love Me Fish & Lobster encountered challenges launching their boat from the concrete boat launch within the harbour. The boat consistently ran aground shortly after entering the water, except during high tide. Identifying sedimentation build-up as the likely culprit, they sought a bathymetric survey to assess the extent of the sedimentation throughout the entire harbour.


Love Me Fish & Lobster, aware of Sludge Mapper's expertise in conducting sludge surveys for wastewater lagoons, approached the company for a solution to their harbour sedimentation issue. Seeking an affordable method to assess the extent of sedimentation build-up within the harbour's breakwater limits, a bathymetric survey was conducted. The survey revealed sedimentation accumulation along the entire north breakwater section.

To enhance survey interpretation, a drone was deployed to create a georeferenced orthomosaic map. This map aids in providing orientation for anyone reviewing the survey. Subsequent analysis uncovered that the "Rubble" construction of the breakwater, coupled with wave action, was causing sedimentation to migrate through the voids in the rocks along the north breakwater section. The identified sedimentation now requires dredging to restore the full functionality of the harbour.

3D view of the harbour and sedimentation.


Sludge Mapper’s bathymetric survey was able to provide valuable information to Love Me Fish & Lobster who were then able to determine the root cause of the problem. Linda from Love Me Fish & Lobster stated, “We are happy that Sludge Mapper was able to provide us with valuable information about the harbour at an affordable price”. Linda went on to state “We’ll have them come in again periodically to monitor sedimentation build-up after the dredging happens”.

Depth map of harbour.
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