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A successful sludge management plan starts with a successful sludge survey 

Dredging your lagoon is an expensive and complex process with a lot of risk. By completing a sludge survey from SlugdeMapper you will have critical data on sludge volumes that will help you develop a robust sludge management plan and dredging tender.

Our Process

We will work with you every step of the way, with no surprises, just comprehensive surveying completed in a timely manner.

Business Meeting



You can request a free sludge survey proposal and estimate with no obligations. This is the first step in developing your sludge management plan.




We will conduct a sludge survey on your lagoon or pond and provide you with a full report on how much sludge you have, where the sludge is located and its composition.




Once you have your lagoon sludge data it will help you complete a sludge management plan which would include a budget and sludge disposal options. 



Shallow Water Sonar

We use a sonar system specially designed for shallow water lagoons and ponds. It transmits dual frequencies with very narrow beam widths resulting in substantially cleaner data then standard sonars that are designed for much deeper applications.

Image by Scott Blake

Multi-band RTK GNSS Base & Rover

Our GNSS equipment is survey and mapping grade with RINEX data compatible with PPP services ensuring centimeter level accuracy any place on Earth.


Hydrographic Survey Software

The software used to post-process the field data is a professional grade hydrographic survey package. The shallow water sonar we use was designed in collaboration with our hydrographic software provider so there is complete compatibility between the two.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if my lagoon has a problem or will have a problem?

The only way to be sure is to have your lagoon or pond surveyed. There are instances where visual inspection of the surface can determine excessive sludge build up, but to get a picture of reality you need a survey conducted with sonar. 

What does your reporting give us?

Our reports will tell you the volume of sludge in your lagoon or pond, where its located as the sludge blanket is not uniform, and its composition to determine disposal options.  Our reports will help you determine if dredging is even required. 

If I don't need to dredge now, when will I need to?​

By having 2 or more surveys completed in a year, sludge accumulation rates can be calculated to estimate when dredging may be needed. We recommend a multi-year monitoring program to determine a more precise timeframe for dredging.

How do we manage the sludge?

We collect samples of the sludge for analysis. Once you know the sludge composition you can determine disposal options.

How much will dredging cost?

Dredging companies estimate sludge removal on a dry tonnage basis. Using sludge volume calculations and the sludge sample dry density, an estimate can be determined.

How do I manage dredge contract performance?

Once you know pre-dredge sludge tonnage, a follow up survey can determine the amount of sludge removed.

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