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Aerial view of ponds for collect stormwater. Rainwater retention basins, bird eye view. Ar


The first step in developing an effective Sludge Management Plan.


Sludge Mapper's comprehensive high-resolution sludge surveys will provide you with the data needed to execute a successful dredging project.  

3D sludge profile of pond.

Our Vision

A sludge survey for every lagoon, a sludge map for every dredging contract, because understanding the quantity and location of sludge saves everyone time and money.

We use the latest survey technology.

Our Solution

We understand dredging can be an expensive and risky operation. A sludge survey from Sludge Mapper can serve as the initial step in developing a sludge management plan for a successful project.  

Sludge survey of industrial pond.

Our Services

Sludge Mapper offers comprehensive high-resolution lagoon and pond sludge surveys. With our specialized equipment and data collection methods, we ensure you receive an accurate depiction of what lies beneath the water surface.

What Elevates Sludge Mapper?

Our Accuracy.

When calculating sludge volume in a pond, obtaining accurate elevation data of the top-of-sludge is critical, but acquiring precise pond-bottom data is also necessary. Collecting pond bottom data is particularly difficult. All sonars have limitations when scanning sediments or sludges with organic content, as they tend to generate gas bubbles. These tiny carpets of bubbles serve as ideal reflectors, preventing the sonar waves from penetrating the sediment/sludge and determining the pond bottom depth.

Sludge Mapper has devised a technique to determine the pond bottom without relying on sonar, creating Digital Elevation Models (DEM) with this collected information.  Subsequently, this DEM data is integrated with the data points gathered by our sonar on the sediment/sludge surface to calculate a precise sludge volume. The image to the right visually depicts the challenges associated with attempting to penetrate organic material using sonar.



Love Me Fish & Lobster Case Study

Sedimentation Build-Up Limiting Boat Launch in Harbour. 


Measuring Contractor Performance Case Study

A dredging contractor was hired to remove sludge from a holding pond 

Dredging Photo.JPG

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